Who is Jean-Paul Ney

536067_383182508367814_854883212_n Jean-Paul Ney, 40, reporter.

Specialist outstanding issues of defense, security and technology, lecturer and researcher in counter-terrorism. Actually associate researcher at the International Institute for coordinating response to the information attacks. He is consultant with Digital Network Group and has advised many politicians. Former Canal Plus TV, he is the author of a dozen books and TV documentaries.

Jean-Paul Ney has long been a war correspondent in the Middle East to various media as I>tele and LCI. Author of major scoops for magazines (Paris Match, VSD, France Soir) he’s one of the french reporters best known outside french borders.

From december 27, 2007 to may 6, 2009, he was held has hostage in Ivory Coast. He was arrested and tortured when he was covering the return of the rebellion in Abidjan.

Jean-Paul Ney is actually living in Paris, France.

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